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How to become a Polygraph examiner

January 14, 2019

Being a polygraph examiner sounds like an amazing career that seems to be real just in the spy movies and TV series. However it is a real job full of great opportunities and if you are interested in lie detector technologies and you have great analytical and communication skills, you can be part of it now.

When this type of Polygraph Exams are shown in series or movies they look so unreal and the truth is that sometimes they’re not really accurate, that’s why we want to explain you the requirements to become a professional polygraph examiner.



Requirements to start your Polygraph Examiner career

 Every profession has some requirements and working with an amazing machine such the polygraph wouldn’t be least! These are few requirements, but very important in order to become a good professional lie detector examiner.

  1. It is not a completely essential requirement, but it is recommended that your study field or your previous job had something to do with this profession, such as police, psychologist, lawyer, criminology jobs…
  2. You should have a clear criminal record certificate.
  3. You should be able to provide your CV or Resume and a copy of your passport to verify your background and identity.



Steps to become a Polygraph Examiner


 Take a Polygraph Examiner training course

 This is an essential step and without this accreditation, anyone shouldn’t be able to work as a Polygraph Examiner. Completing a Polygraph training program is the only way to know everything you need to become a Polygraph examiner and get to know all the secrets about this profession.

Every Polygraph Training Course must be accredited by the European Polygraph Association, American Polygraph Association or any other recognized Polygraph Association.

In the European Polygraph Association, you will be able to find information about the different Training Programs you can take in order to become a Polygraph Examiner.




Take the official Polygraph examiner training

 After finishing your Polygraph Examiner Training Course, you should be able to start using the Polygraph. However,  it is mandatory to complete some Training to be able to practice with a real Polygraph and real Polygraph cases where you can learn more about this profession. This means, that you should complete what is called a Practicum of 40 hours before starting looking for a Polygraph Examiner job.


Take some supervised work for your Polygraph Training

 As it usually happens in other jobs, people learn and get experience as they do it and practice, and working as a Polygraph Examiner is the same. In our profession is very important to keep learning every day and, even if, after the Training Course and Practicum, you’ll probably be ready to start working on your own, it is important to do some supervised job.

This supervised job usually lasts around 6 months and the objective is to make the best of you as a Polygraph Examiner professional.

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