450 hours – 15 ects

Become a professional polygraph examiner with the Basic Training Program from our eLearning platform; Having the opportunity to complete it with a module of real Practical training in an institution attached to our ELP program.


300 hours – 14 ECTS

Designed for professionals who have already completed the Basic Training Program (or have previous demonstrable experience in Polygraphy) and want to update and/or expand their professional knowledge in this field.


750 hours – 25 ects

This program is made to polygraph professionals who wish to expand their knowledge with new technologies based on the Credibility of Testimony, reaching the professional peak in our sector. This Program also includes the Basic Training Program.

Promoting quality education in polygraphy, EUROPOLYGRAPH, together with the European Polygraph Academy (EPA) has designed an innovative blended learning system, that allows unlimited access to professional training in Forensic Psychophysiology.

With our dual training method, each student receives the theoretical-scientific content through a modern eLearning platform. This system allows students to have progress based on their own studying dedication. Our platform is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it can be used from anywhere on the planet! All that is needed is a computer and internet connection.

This theoretical instruction can be complemented with a PRACTICUM, in which our students are assisted by professionals instructors and/or experienced examiners in their first real polygraph exams, highlighting which are the necessary skills for our profession.

This educational modality is possible by virtue of the agreements signed between the EPA and the organizations participating in the Europolygraph Learning Partner (ELP) program, which comply with a series of academic requirements and training standards established by the EPA. Each ELP undergoes periodic inspections to guarantee its quality and optimal performance.


Due to the evolution of online education in the U.S., as well as in Europe, higher education institutions during the past twelve years have had amazing success in this new area. The key for that has been that online courses and programs provide access to higher education to millions of potential students that otherwise might be denied because of time or geographic issues.

The millions of students taking online courses nowadays are the evidence to confirm that this modality has a higher demand.

By recognizing the online training programs, the European Polygraph Association intends to be open to a bigger audience, giving us the opportunity to learn more about this profession.

Polygraph art and science will be accessible to everyone, without discrimination, barriers, and at a lower price.

We are in a new era which will allow us to stop those who intend to monopolize education programs, pretending to be unique.

The polygraph is no longer a franchise in the hands of a particular association. The knowledge of this profession does not have exclusive owners.

Thanks to this change, different entities and organizations legally recognized can now transmit their knowledge through education by the Internet and Online courses.

Europolygraph Learning Partners (ELP)

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