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We warmly  welcome  professionals and experts from around the world in the Evaluation of the Credibility of Testimony,  through the application of the polygraph as a diagnostic tool.

We especially salute members of the police, military, government, and private entities seeking specialized advice about our exciting profession.

The European Polygraph  Association, also called  Europolygraph, is a pioneering non-profit  professional  organization in Europe, with more than five hundred  members spread over 35 countries and is currently  considered the second  industry association in the world for its relevance. after the American APA.

From this  website, we encourage  examiners and  professionals of  the  Psychophysiological Detection  of  Deception (PDD)  to  the development, training, and responsible exercise of the use of polygraph at a global level.

Europolygraph is made up of professionals who perform examinations using the most advanced technology, hardware & software, observing the ethical, legal, and scientific guarantees proposed by our statutes according to the specific needs of the workplace.

To become a full member of the European Polygraph  Association, it is essential to prove that you have completed a training program in Forensic Psychophysiology certified by a recognized school, the content of which includes at least 400 hours of theoretical and practical training.

In addition, all members of Europolygraph have  proven  ethical and moral solvency by presenting an official certificate  issued by the authorities of their country of origin.

As in other professions, our members must accredit continuing education through training and updating programs to remain current.

EuroPolygraph, has official EEC and International recognition since 2003, being registered in the Ministry of the Interior of Spain and the National Registry of Associations.


President of Europolygraph

José Antonio Fernández de Landa is a seminal figure in the field of polygraphy, not only within Spain but also on an international scale. As the founder and president of the European Polygraph Association (Europolygraph), he has been instrumental in setting standards and promoting the training of polygraph examiners across Europe and beyond. Under his leadership, Europolygraph has emerged as a key entity for the accreditation and professional training in polygraphy, advocating for quality and ethical practice in this discipline.

Beyond his role in Europolygraph, Fernández de Landa serves as the director of the European Polygraph Academy, where he has been a pioneer in educational innovation within polygraphy. He has introduced and championed a blended learning model, combining online education with in-person sessions. This approach has enabled the academy to reach a wider audience, making specialized training in polygraphy accessible to students globally. The shift towards online teaching methodologies, especially significant during the pandemic, demonstrates his forward-thinking vision and commitment to expanding and modernizing polygraphy training.

His expertise and knowledge have been crucial in developing curricula and study programs that equip future polygraph examiners with the necessary skills, techniques, and ethical understanding required to perform their profession competently. The European Polygraph Academy, under his direction, is recognized for offering high-quality programs that incorporate the latest in polygraph technology and evidence-based practices.

Fernández de Landa’s contribution to polygraphy extends beyond his work in Spain. He has played a key role in introducing and advocating for the use of polygraphy in various countries, and his leadership in training and education in this field has significantly impacted the standardization of practices and has helped elevate the professional profile of polygraph examiners internationally. His efforts have solidified polygraphy as a valuable and reliable tool in credibility assessment and security investigations, thus contributing to the broader acceptance and recognition of this discipline worldwide.

Our Mission

Promoting and implementing the use and development of Scientific Truth Verification and Lie Detection, applying the polygraph technique.

Extend its application in Europe and abroad, using it as a highly credible investigation tool.

Embracing all European and International professionals who want to share their experiences in benefit of society and dedicated to establishing the truth.

We ambition to encourage cooperation with all the European Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies in the application and use of accepted polygraph techniques to fight more effectively against terrorism and international crime.

Cooperating with worldwide polygraph associations and other professional bodies in matters of mutual interest and in benefit of the Forensic Psychophysiology field using the polygraph.

Developing the highest standards of competence in this profession, promoting and encouraging the forensic psychophysiology scientific research, through advanced training and updated techniques.

All members of the European Polygraph Association have graduated from a polygraph training program in an institute or school that is accredited by the European Polygraph Association, American Polygraph Association or any other recognized Polygraph Association.

Spanish Ministry of Interior and CEE, registered in the Spanish National Registry of Associations, Group 1, Section 1, National  #587829 in 2006, founded in 2003

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