The European Polygraph Association

Welcome to EPA

Welcome to the official Web site for polygraph professionals in Europe and abroad. We also welcome members of Law Enforcement, Government and Private Examiners who wish to broaden their knowledge and acquire expertise in this specialist field or seek help or consultancy regarding this exciting profession.

Founded in 2003, the European Polygraph Association or Europolygraph (EPA) The European pioneer of its type, encourages professional polygraph examiners, and those involved in the detection of deception around the world to join our ever increasing membership list.

Europolygraph is formed by professionals who perform computerized polygraph tests observing ethical, legal and scientific guarantees.

In order to become an EPA member, examiners must adhere to strict guidelines and educational requirements that include hundreds of hours of coursework at an accredited school, as well as an internship. As in many respected professions, EPA members must acquire continuing education and training in order to maintain membership.

The European Polygraph Association is a legally constituted body, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Interior, Registered in the National Register of Associations Group 1, Section 1, National # 587,829 in 2006, with foundation dated 2003.


To promote and implement the use and development of Scientific Truth Verification – Lie Detection applying the polygraph technique in Europe and abroad; by using it as a highly credible investigation tool embracing all European and International professionals who want to share their experiences in benefit of society and dedicated to establish the truth.

We ambition to decisively encourage the cooperation among all European Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies in the application and utilization of accepted polygraph techniques to fight more effectively against terrorism and international crime.

Cooperating with worldwide polygraph associations and other professional bodies in matters of mutual interest and in benefit of the Forensic Psychophysiology field using the polygraph.

Developing the highest standards of competence in this profession, promoting and encouraging the forensic psychophysiology scientific research, through advanced training and updated techniques.

All members of the European Polygraph Association have graduated from a polygraph training program in an institute or school that is accredited by the European Polygraph Association, American Polygraph Association or any other recognized Polygraph Association.